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Who we are

A few words about us

We are a company that produces wooden packaging for various industries. Our products are widely used and are appreciated by our customers for their high quality.

We have been operating on the market since 1992, and many years of experience mean that we areable to meet even the most inordinate expectations.

Our sawmill is locatedin Krucz, about 80 km from Poznań. We have a modern machine park, and use innovative technologies during the production of our products.

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Our specialists

Our team consists of qualified specialists who have extensive experience and knowledge.

All our wooden packaging is subject to constant control at every stage of production. Thanks to this we can guarantee our customers that our products meet all quality standards.


What we produce

Disposable pallets

Perfect for the transport and storage of various types of goods. They are durable and resistant to mechanical damage.

Industrial pallets

They can be tailored to the individual needs of eachclient. It is possible to subject them to phytosanitary treatment with the IPPC mark.

Custom pallets

Our customers can also order pallets tailored to the specific needs of their company.


With high parameters and without organic additives such as bark and earth. They are created during the machining of wood, which is trimmed before the process.


The bark we produce is widely used primarily in gardening. It is great for mulching the soil and protecting plants from frost and weeds.


We carefully select wood species that are distinguished by excellent combustion parameters. It is an ecological and friendly heating fuel.

IPPC certified dry sawn timber

We produce sawn timber with the IPPC certificate, which proves its highest quality.



About us in dates

In 2000, our new pallet production hall was built, and in 2018 we equipped it with a modern production line, which will allow us to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

Thereis also a specialized drying room on the premises of the plant. It ensures that all strict phytosanitary requirements that must be ensured in the production process are met. Due to that our final product is distinguished by durability and strength.

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